Gry Fager

Danish ceramist and designer, Gry Fager, finds her inspiration in the patterns and prints normally associated with textiles and fabrics. With the Stitches porcelain collection she experiments with the art of cross-stitching and tributes her elegantly crafted tableware to this lost family tradition. The Stitches collection is decorated through transfer print, a technique generally associated with paper decoration, which allows a detailed application of a broad range of patterns and colors to the designs. The clean lines and shapes of the collection have a modern expression, while the recognisable cross-stitching patterns flirt with a traditional reference of past times. Gry Fager studied ceramic design at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts – The School of Design. Gry Fager has her own studio and shop in Copenhagen, and her collections are sold in a variety of Design shops in Denmark, Europe and Asia.

Manufacturer working with Gry Fager

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