Merged into the green of the Pistoia countryside, where the nurseries form regular and rational plots, there’s the giovannetti plant, which, due to the peculiarity of its structure, may be defined almost a “totem” of architecture of the seventies.

The company, founded and still lead with great energy by Chevalier of Industry Benito Luigi Giovannetti, was born in the mid sixties and gained immediately the worldwide attention with its innovative and researched products, perfectly matching the climate of experimentation of those years, when new forms were created and new ways were sought to satisfy the growing necessity of relaxing, joining together and conversing.

This is the philosophy which in the sixties gave birth to Bazaar, Onos, Teso, Lambda and Yates, designed by Superstudio; and nowadays researched and well valued in the market of collectors. Giovannetti revealed then its complete industrial maturity in 1970 with Anfibio, designed by Alessandro Becchi, a product born as a convertible sofa, fulfilling both the functions of a sofa and a bed in a simple and poetic way.

Designer working with Giovannetti

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