Daniel Michalik

Our work focuses on researching and expanding overlooked materials to create objects that explore the intersections of material, culture and manufacturing.

Recently we have explored the secrets of cork, an engaging material with vast implications for healthier perspectives on design, agriculture and manufacturing. Cork is a sustainable material, regenerating every 9 years for harvest. The Portuguese regions of cork production hold centuries-old farming and manufacturing traditions that can teach us how objects can be made more responsibly. Our objects reflect a love for the origin and context of material.

Our New York City studio is dedicated to unlocking new material potential. Here we explore the deepest potentials of cork as an unusual natural material, allowing it to perform in new ways, and as no other material can.

Experiments evolve into products that engage form, color and function. We have supplied products and solutions for clients worldwide, and our work has been exhibited internationally.

The design process begins with the physical manipulation of material, and most often our products are manufactured here, by us.

Designer working with Daniel Michalik

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