Antti Kotilainen

Antti Kotilainen focuses on furniture design and has been doing it successfully for Scandinavian companies since 1992. Design for him is, above all, a set of ideas, experiments, reasons and decisions; a process where intuition has to be closely kept in mind. The designer’s task is to live, look around, see things and in this way create statements on present time. In the furniture field, he is appealed by the diversity of design.
Skilful furniture design is never anything obvious, but controlled disruption of the world and dimensions. He emphasizes determined co-operation between a designer and manufacturer. This has resulted in the long-term co-operation and mutual trust between him and Piiroinen. The outcome is Piiroinen’s well-proportioned furniture that shows subtlety combined to the designer’s determination.

Manufacturer working with Antti Kotilainen

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