The seat system Ladle want to re-edit the design with a contemporary point of view, but above all the feeling and the comfort of the 60’ years classic armchairs. The fixed element in the different versions is the seat frame, to which you can add three different backrests, with three different bases : four wooden legs, four tubular legs and four swivel and swing spokes. It is possible to create a very large possibility of proposals with a personal character, maintaining the aesthetical and functional point of view. You can also use them
individually in very different spaces and atmospheres.The fabric details, present in Ladle, give particularly importance to the handwork and manual skill, that will mark out this seat system. Ladle, like the big wooden spoon, collects the body shape, giving a very soft and embracing comfort. Metal structure. Upholstery in moulded polyurethane foam and polyester slip cover. Backrest upholstery in Rollofil. Base can be in wood, metal or swivel steel.

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