Armchair and sofa that embrace and envelop using the iconic forms that Karim has made his personal signature. Sculptural and bright, Kouch and Ouch add a sense of monolithic joy to the spaces they adorn. Created in expanded fire resistant foam with metal internal structure. Completely upolstered in non-removable leather or fabric. “I have taken a great interest in organic form for the last 20 years. I feel a desirous need to soften the commodity landscape as our lives become more casual and relaxed. I want to be enveloped by my Kouch – Ouch! This casualism of shape, form, material and behavior are definitely a movement. The technology that affords us to morph, undulate, twist, torque, and blend our world is so ever inspiring to me. KOUCH and OUCH are my voluptuous organic and ergonomic blobs to continue my pursuit for this New ‘Soft World’ language”.

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