New Norm Felt Bread Basket

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Dimensions ‣ 10cm   4.5cm  
Origin ‣ Menu - Dinamarca


On first hand synthetic felt probably sounds like an odd material for a breadbasket. But there is, in fact, common sense behind the creative madness. The felt feature some unique and convenient functions: it is lightweight, soft and pleasant to the touch, a joy to use at the table, AND you can put them in the dishwasher when they need a cleaning – so there’s no danger of permanent jam stains or sticky butter-fingers. The simple Nordic look makes this a typical NORM design and the clean lines provide a modern and stylish interpretation of Nordic cosiness. All the baskets are sewn with stitches in three discrete natural colours that match the rest of the products in the NORM universe. The Bread Basket Set fit many different situations and needs: use them for bread, crisps, snacks or fruit – or gather other small items needed at the dinner table, supplies for parties or the place to always find paper and a pen.

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