Philippe Starck presented the project: Zartan is a purist designed chair that explodes thanks to its clarity. Its shape makes it suitable for every surrounding environment: whether in private areas, in restaurants or conference tables - the minimalist chair manufactured by Magis will fit in anywhere. The back legs slightly jut out to guarantee something special in Zartan: they make it possible to stack up to 4 chairs. The collection is divided into 3 different finishings:

Zartan Basic
The "basic" edition is made of strengthened fiberglass and polypropylen, which ensures an ideal mixture of stability and flexibility. Besides that, the Zartan Basic is perfectly usable outdoors, thanks to its resistant materials. Zartan Basic is available in five colors.

Zartan Raw
The "Raw" edition is sturdy, with a vintage look. The seat and back of Zartan Raw consists of recycled polypropylen and wood fibre. This is how the material used not only ensures a special finish - but is also environmentally friendly, recyclable and the natural materials used are reusable. Ideal for indoor environments.

Zartan Eco
The "Eco" version of Zartan is made of environmentally friendly materials, just like the Zartan Raw. Zartan Eco consists of recycled polypropylen, which is reinforced with linen (brown) or hemp (dark grey). This means that environmental awareness is included with the purchase of the Zartan Eco.

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