Studio Kairos

Giuseppe Manente and Abramo Mion founded Studio Kairos in 1980 and are involved principally in the field of industrial design and development, as well as building and furniture. Kairos is a classical Greek word meaning “right point, right place, right time, in the right measure”. This balanced combination of time and place serves as the reference point for each new project.

Giuseppe Manente, born in Mestre (VE) in 1947, after having attended the higher course of industrial design in Venice, obtained his architecture degree in 1972 at Venice university.
He has been practising architecture since 1973, operating in the civil and industrial construction field for public and private institutions.

Abramo Mion, born in Mirano (VE) in 1951, attended the engineering faculty at Padova University and then in 1974 the architecture faculty of Venice University. At that time he became part of the design staff of a furniture industry and has since then been concerned with internal architecture.

Manufacturer working with Studio Kairos

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