Studio Archirivolto

Colle di Val d'Elsa, Tuscany, Italy

Archirivolto was established by Claudio Dondoli and Marco Pocci in 1983 as an industrial, design and architectural development studio.

During their architectural studies in Florence, Claudio and Marco created a theatrical experimentation group with some friends. When they decided to focus on design, the influence of theater had a very important effect on the layout of their new studio: creativity, sense of reality, respect and attention towards the public. Interested in learning from inside the world of production and the markets, they started with a design furniture store.

In 1995 the young designer Cristian Gori, from the Architecture department of the Siena Art Institute, joined the group. Archirivolto sees design as beauty, harmony and freedom: it cannot be restricted by strict predefined rules or exist as the privilege of a social or cultural elite. A designer is responsible for creating beauty for everybody and to draw projects closer to a growing number of people. “...Real innovation is based on the use of technology and materials, both to create an image and to provide customers with a service. There appears to be a return to the utopia of the seventies, when objects were created for the masses and entrepreneurs were young, energetic and truly innovative... Designers should never forget that the object they are creating must make the life of people who use it more simple and beautiful...”

Besides studying the domestic environment, Archirivolto also focuses on experiences in the world of electronics and architecture: the studio designed numerous everyday products, such as tables, chairs, benches, interior decoration and lighting, but also villages and public areas. The search for materials and its processes, in order to achieve maximum results in a value for money approach, with technically perfect objects that are accessible to the public - this is one of the studio's main activities: using materials that acquire prestige and elegance through sophisticated processes, such as aluminum and plastic, considered by Archirivolto as particularly fascinating due to their great flexibility.

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