Strand + Hvass

The Strand + Hvass Design Studio is located in a spacious and bright attic in a classic Copenhagen warehouse. Its central location allows us to be in touch with the project's trends and movements in the Danish capital.

Niels Hvass and Christina Strand are the designers, boasting of an exciting portfolio with a multitude of commercial achievements and experimental projects.

Our work is based on innovative processes, a foundational understanding of the market, and a close collaboration with our clients regarding strategy and development.

For us, design itself is a strategy that can improve the conditions of human life, the environment and living experiences. Furthermore, the project can be used as a tool for the development of society's competitiveness and economical growth.

Our project is user-centered and deeply rooted in Scandinavian culture. Simplicity and well balanced lines are the pillars of our work, appealing to both Scandinavian and international audiences.

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