In the 50s of last century, the family lent its Schuster name to the furniture. The profession woodworker chosen by family patriarch was passed to the children and they, after some years, took over the company and follow the same routine producing furniture that is in many homes and spaces trade throughout the country and abroad.

The initial work of frames and custom furniture company consolidated in the area of ​​custom from the end of the decade 90, joined the furniture show, strengthening its operations in little more than a decade.

The decision to prioritize the design, respecting the global trends, but without losing the essence of Brazilian furniture was concerned fundamental to the expansion of Schuster to markets throughout the country and traditional furniture, such as Italy.

The partnership already established with retailers and designers, supported by important team of representatives and a team of professionals exceeding one hundred carpenters, guarantee the standard of Schuster finish.

The care provided by professionals and commercial administration ensures that products arrive to our Schuster customers within the agreed time and in accordance with requested.

The wood and its derivatives, this massively products Schuster, comes from planted forests, with proper management, always observing, as a fundamental condition, the environment.

The challenge for every new product that is Schuster developed and offered to the market, is to combine innovation, use technology, and contemporary trends and the pattern characteristic of Brazilian securities.

Designer working with Schuster

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