Project location ‣ Suécia
Address ‣ Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden

The home is a simple design that includes very few frills or unnecessary pieces. Beginning in the living room, the space is largely dominated by a soft but simple gray sectional sofa, set against ercu walls. In a simple design, unique coffee tables like this reclaimed wood design can act as focal points. Mounting the television under the counter is a unique way to save space and keep those walls bare. A creative fireplace provides a bit of warmth to the cool space, both figuratively and literally. The open floor plan mean that unique wine glasses set on the table become a decorative choice. A frosted interior window lets a little bit of light into the dark grey kitchen. Grey kitchens offer a modern look that woks well with many types of kitchen appliances and accessories. For instance, a simple glass pitcher in a gray kitchen takes on a life of its own. Moving into the bedroom, unique floor lamps offer a bit of character to a sparse design. A white platform bed is a simple centerpiece and all but blends with the walls. A small desk area continues the white theme — desk chair, desk, even mugs. White and wood together, with a side table and the floor, are a match made in minimalist heaven.