Proust Lounger

Manufacturer ‣ Magis
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Dimensions ‣ 60cm   90cm  
Origin ‣ Magis - Itália


Launched in 1978, the "Proust Armchair" is one of the most famous designs by Alessandro Mendini. The splendid polyethylene-made armchair is the embodiment of redesign. Mendini brought together Baroque forms, classical colors and Impressionist elements and re-interpreted them in his "Proust Armchair." It all started when Mendini was working on a fabric pattern which was to be a reflection on French writer Marcel Proust. While researching the environments associated with Proust, he came across a Neo-baroque chaise longue which fascinated him in such a way that he expanded the fabric pattern project to work on a full-fledged lounger. Alessandro Mendini interpreted his famous "Proust Armchair" once again, now with Magis. The Magis Proust emerged: a chaise longue that is manufactured by a polyethylene rotation process for industrial production. With new, modern colors and materials, but keeping the original shape, Magis brings baroque magic to the 21st century.

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