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Dimensions ‣ 56cm  
Origin ‣ Flos - Itália


Gun-Lamp is an unusual, provocative, socialcritical and political series, designed in 2005 by Philippe Starck for the Italian manufacturer Flos. Designed, manufactured, sold, dreamed, bought and used, guns are our new icons. Our life is cheaper than a bullet. The weapons' collection is just a sign of our times. We get the symbols we deserve," the designer explains. The label on the base plate of the lamp is called "Happiness is a warm gun."
The Gun Collection wants to draw attention to arms exports by many governments around the world: the gold on these Gun-Lamps represents the confidential agreement between money and war. Referring to this, the Side Gun bed lamp - displaying a Beretta - symbolizes Europe's conformism. The black lampshade symbolizes death. The crosses inside the shadow are there to remind us of our death. With this, the entire Gun collection is intended as a kind of memorial for the many people who have been killed, in many wars, for the sake of profit. To underline the designer's intentions, Flos - the manufacturer - donates twenty percent of the Gun Collection's sales proceeds to the human rights organization Frères des Hommes, in Europe.

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