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Dimensions ‣ 95cm   66cm  
Origin ‣ Lattoog - Brasil


The hammock meets the famous Egg Armchair, created by Arne Jacobsen in 1958, to give birth to an iconographic piece. Perhaps the most genuine piece of Brazilian furniture, the hammock is a unique creation of South American indians, originally made with lianas and fibers. With the arrival of the Portuguese, settlers adapted the indigenous technique and started to produce cotton hammocks adorned with fringes. Now, many years after the colonization of Brazil, Leonardo Lattavo and Peter Moog created this piece exploring the concept of miscegenation and syncretism - an outcome of that very same colonization process.
The designers sought to explore the relationships which the hammock establishes with architectural space: the need for an auxiliary support structure (wall) and the lightness of being suspended above the ground... For the piece's wall support the designers created a giant wood and metal nail, For ceiling support they devised a horizontal bar that holds the piece in a light and playful way - like a mobile.

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