Cadeira de Balanço

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Dimensions ‣ 60cm   170cm  
Origin ‣ Brasil


Known as Cadeira de Balanço (Rocking Chair), this 1977 Chaise is one of the architect's most iconic pieces. In the book Modern Furniture in Brazil, Niemeyer says: "It is interesting to note how the chipboard techniques draw us close to architecture: the same possibility of new forms, the same commitment to reducing the section and simplifying the building system." Created in the seventies, Cadeira de Balanço is part of a ten-piece furniture collection designed by the architect and produced in partnership with his daughter, Anna Maria Niemeyer. Cadeira de Balanço's supports are reduced precisely to enhance the curves, which are the architect's most prominent trait, and it becomes even lighter by the use of straw.

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