Erik Jørgensen

CEP 5700
Svendborg, South Denmark, Denmark

45 62215300

Innovation has always been a top priority for Erik Jørgensen. That is why the firm has held design competitions for new talents since 1995, which has helped shape the career path of important designers, including Ernst and Jensen, Ditte Hammerstrøm and Gamfratesi.

The Cabinetmakers’ Autumn Exhibition is another national forum that Erik Jørgensen is involved in, and which celebrates experimental furniture created in an open dialogue between designer and manufacturer based on Scandinavian design heritage.

Today, Erik Jørgensen A/S is run by Niels and Ole Jørgensen, and it continues to be driven by the same ambitions of renewal and quality. By visions of perfection and provocation. Of the tangible expression of sublime comfort and quality craftsmanship.

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