Giancarlo Vegni

Post Code 56121
Pisa, Tuscany, Italy

Multidisciplinary designer Giancarlo Vegni has extensive experience in the kitchen furniture area, having worked since 1968 for the Progettistico Ferretti team. Leading his own studio since 1976, his work focuses on industrial design, interior design and communication. His projects are based on functionality and essential lines.

His versatile work easily flows between different kinds of products. He designs kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, stores and exhibition stands. He operates in different market areas, such as furniture, navy, automotive, architectural interiors. And he constantly seeks the trait that will distinguish the object, in order to highlight its identity.

His goal: to provide emotions and well-being. He has worked as an art and corporate identity director for prestigious brands such as Edra, Seven, Antonio Lupi, Fasem, Mazzei, Zanussi, Iveco, Novamobili, Unitalia, Bertocci, Lema, Candy, TreEmme, Valli & Valli, well-known and respected in the world of international design for the quality of their Italian exports.

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