Gallery S.Bensimon

Gallery S. Bensimon was born out of the dedication and keen eye of a lover of the Beautiful and the Rare. A man of fashion, interior design and art, Serge Bensimon enthusiastically embraces eclecticism.

In the heart of the Haut-Marais, this devotee of the beauty of fashion has created an inspired and inspiring gallery. In this light and calm space, he gives contemporary artists, craftspeople and designers total freedom to express themselves. On a pretty little square in a district which has become one of the rallying points of "Made in Paris" creativity, the gallery reflects the passions and aesthetic beliefs of this breathtakingly intuitive talent scout.

Through his chosen affinities, Serge Bensimon presents a contemporary vision of Nature and the use of its riches. The relevance and originality of these choices corresponds to the new groundswell promoting a different type of consumption. This results in furniture and objects produced in a sustainable way, with an emphasis on natural materials and sensitive expertise. Given this freedom, design creates a dialogue between tradition and innovation. The human hand traces the lines of a contemporary poetry. Technology and craftsmanship generate mutual communication, restoring meaning and veracity to the object.

Drawn into the gallery, enlightened window-shoppers discover a new generation of cherished objects not to be found anywhere else. Limited editions give the interior space a radical singularity. Everyone can find an interior design to reflect their personality, based on their own emotions and sensations. This shows that elegance, simplicity and boldness can be entirely compatible when beautiful things and the unstinting ideas which inspire them match the mood of an era in search of tranquillity.

Designer working with Gallery S.Bensimon

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