Local do projeto ‣ Estados Unidos
Endereço ‣ Nova Iorque, Nova Iorque, Estados Unidos

This apartment is colorfully snug and comfortable. The mixed elements work together to make for a chic, modern design that manages to look homely and neat as well. Usually, pink is reserved for a little girl’s room, but used in such subtle and innovative ways- it actually really works in this living room. The flower patterned rug introducing the aspect of an eternal Spring. The small study is a little more serious, but does not detract from the apartment’s theme. A geometric light fixture is captivating and livens up the entire room. The living room is just that- a room that is meant to be lived in. This is evident in the room’s design, we see it in the comfortable chairs and general homely appeal. The dining room has a vintage/mismatched design that is both endearing and timeless. With cheerful Alexander Girard art prints that grace the walls, this home is perfect for the homeowner who enjoys walking on the fun side of life. The final apartment recreates Spring in the abundance of upscale organic features that make the apartment feel almost exotic in its appeal. The apartment is a vivid blend of modern furniture and timber components. This is perfectly showcased in the kitchen where we find white countertops with wooden embellishments and barstools. It is dapper and it works. A tropical still takes up most of the kitchen, bringing the jungle into a modern apartment, while a lush houseplant lounges in the corner, so that the apartment has a larger than life scene with the real deal right next to it.