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Endereço ‣ Vladivostok, Primorskiy Kray, Rússia

This apartment in Vladivostok, Russia measure 95 square meters (1022 square feet) and yet manages to make enough comfortable space for a young family of four. The design of the home is starkly minimal, making it seem much larger than it actually is and serving to call attention to the materials and geometry of every design choice.

The open living room features little furniture and even fewer colors. Simple birch plywood for the entertainment center and flooring feels clean if a bit unfinished. A dark gray sofa, white walls and ultra simple lighting make the room feel bare, but also big. The easy to experience materials keep the project within budget while creating an almost zen atmosphere of simplicity.

The kitchen area opens up to the small dining table with suspended light fixture, which looks out on a lake. The natural sunlight highlights the natural wood materials and offers an ideal setting for a simple family breakfast.