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Robby Cantarutti and Partners are delighted to guide you, through some examples of our work, on a discovery of some of the architectural ideas that represent the output of our design studio and that constitute the synthesis of an ongoing pursuit of constructional and residential solutions in response to the needs of contemporary living. After years of work focussed on simplifying our language, with the aim of achieving clean lines and simplicity in the use of space, we have felt the need to summarise the direction and sense of our craft in an iconographic catalogue that contextualises the basic elements.

A craft, it must be remembered, that finds its inspiration in the artistry that has allowed the “made in Italy” brand to be recognised the whole world over and which, suitably well versed in the new technologies relating to materials and constructions, becomes the embryonic and executive expression of a living culture with no geographical limits. From a willingness and pride taken in contributing to the development of the landscape come proposals that aspire to embed themselves in the natural and human geography, enriching it without violating it, suggesting sensations that dialogue respectfully with the environment all around them. This is the basis for some of the projects, undertaken both in Italy and abroad (Libya, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Canada and India) that we are about to present to you. For each commission solutions have been devised that cater for the specific living requirements, from the functional as well as the cultural and environmental perspectives.

In a world that is ever more complex and interconnected, in which the symbolic universe is subject to constant development, we often find ourselves working “by subtraction” to liberate everyday objects and places from their intrinsic complexity, in the search for a “fluid space” and clean lines suited to the times and ways of human society, seen through its multifarious activities of a productive, commercial, relational and affective nature. Also to cater for such diverse needs, the work of the studio has become specialised in providing proposals that correlate “macro” and “micro”, by means of a design concept that encompasses the “small town” and objects of daily use. The final outcome of our architecture, design and interior design activities is based on the functional purpose of the completed project, whether a building or a furnishing accessory, because only by reflecting upon its final context can it take shape and exist in reality.

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