Adrien Gardère

Adrien Gardère is a French designer and museographer, born in 1972.

In 2000 he set up the Studio Adrien That Gardère features three areas of expertise: furniture and lighting design, museography and exhibition design, as well as interior design.

His personal experience and choices made soon _him_ ESTABLISH solid working partnerships with wide institutions in Western and Eastern metropolises, thereby Both adapté Developing projects to the local demand as well as international strategies:

- Paris - France (the Louvre Museum, the Museum of Decorative Arts, National Museum of Architecture and Heritage).
- Lens - France (the Louvre-Lens Museum)
- Lisbon - Portugal (Design Museum, Centro do Belem)
- Washington DC - United States (the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts)
- Cairo - Egypt (the Islamic Art Museum, the Egyptian National Museum, the Museum of Historic Cairo)
- Teheran - Iran (the National Carpet Museum)
- Ahmedabad - India (the National Institute of Design, India)
- Surabaya - Indonesia (French Cultural Centre, Indonesia),

Designer with no borders, Adrien Gardère Creates a successful dialogue entre traditional skills and new techniques, entre innovation and comfort, understanding and emotion, scientific expertise and pedagogic finesse.

His creations, produced by companies Such As Artemide, Ligne Roset, Perimeter Editions, Krios Italia and Saazs, result from a continuous analysis of contemporary practices and cultural contexts, from the use of Production Appropriate tools, new materials and ingenious Mechanisms.

His objective is clear: to create relevant, legitimate and understandable products Clearly, facilities and spaces.

For Adrien Gardère, design and architecture are, first and foremost, a Manner of seeing mankind, His and his practices in genuity.

Manufacturer working with Adrien Gardère

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