A.G. Fronzoni

Brescia, Lombardy, Italy

On March 5, Angiolo Giuseppe Fronzoni is born in San Mommè, Pistoia, Tuscany, Italy. In 1945 opens his studio in Brescia, conducting a multiform design business dealing with publishing, graphic design, industrial design, exhibition design and architecture.

In 1956 moves to Milan, where he opens a studio.

Claimed that his aspiration was not to satisfy his clients’ needs, but to do away with them. His ideological background didn’t allow him to encourage the perception that other values inhere in an object but the functional, its instrumental purpose.

One of his favourite quotes was by the art historian G.C. Argan, who once wrote that ‘who refuses design, accepts to be designed’. Accordingly, AGF claimed to believe in a collectivist approach to design practice and maintained that design shouldn’t be only the reserve of a few professionals, but a skill as widespread as writing because ‘one who designs, designs oneself in the first place’.

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